Coderity - CakePHP CMS

Welcome to Coderity (pronouced Co-der-ity).  Coderity is an "out of the box" CMS for the CakePHP framework, available on GitHub under the MIT license.

Elegant, simple to use and install, Coderity provides a easy to use, straight forward Content Management System for CakePHP 2.

Please note - This is a CakePHP 2 CMS, which has reached end of life.  Coderity CMS will no longer be supported as of August 2017.

Coderity - Manage Pages

Coderity is built on top of CakePHP.  It is useful if you are looking for an out of the box, simple to use CakePHP CMS, which can be expanded and made your own!

Features include:

  • Pages management - add, edit and delete pages.
  • Drag and drop ordering of the navigation menu, with the option to select which pages show in the top and bottom menu.
  • Site Blocks - Set general content global area's - such as header and footer sections, which can be edited and updated site wide.
  • Blog - add, edit and delete blog articles.  Have the ability to turn off the blog section if it isn't needed.
  • Contact Form and Leads Management.  A simple contact form is included by default, which emails the website administrator and stores the details in the Leads area.
  • Manage Admin Users - add, edit and delete the users of the CMS.
  • Redirects - add, edit and delete 301 redirects.
  • General Settings - control the overall settings such as the Site Name, Site Email Address and Google Analytics script.
  • Easy installer.  On initial set up, the website has a simple installer for setting the site details and creating the first admin user.

The best way to get Coderity is to Fork It on GitHub.  We encourage you to Fork It and make it your own! Click here to few alternative ways of installing Coderity!

Want to see more?  Check out the screen shots here.

Coming Soon

We are currently developing Coderity as a CakePHP plugin.  This will allow Coderity to be installed in the CakePHP Plugin directory with your own code being completely separate.  We will annouce more details on this once the Plugin is fully stable.

We are also looking to make a CakePHP 3 version of Coderity.