Coderity - Download

Installing via GitHub

The best way to install Coderity is via GitHub to your own git repository.  This allows you to continue to get Coderity updates even while your application is built.

If you are using GitHub, fork Coderity into your own GitHub account so that you can get updates from the upstream.

If you are using another GIT repository host, then you can still get upstream updates for Coderity.  Simply follow these instructions:

1) Create a new git repository and set it up locally or on your server.

2) Run the following command:

git remote add upstream
3) Run the following command:
git remote -v
# should show fetch/push for "origin" and "upstream" remotes

4) You can now pull the latest Coderity version at any time by running:

git pull upstream master

Obviously, as your app becomes your own, you may find conflicts occur between your app and Coderity, so always ensure to run the merge on a seperate git branch!

Standard Download

Alternatively, if you prefer you can download the ZIP version here.

The current version of the Coderity CMS is Version 0.9 (released 18th January 2015).

The Coderity Plugin is still in beta and should not be used in production.